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The Big Island is 4,028 square miles and is the third most visited by tourists each year. Most of the tourists are wondering, what are the things to do in Hawaii Island so we give you a list of some fun things to do.

Sport activities

The Big Island is also an island of adventure and diverse sports activities: horseback riding with cowboys, trekking around Kilauea Volcano, hiking up the snow-capped Mauna Kea, golfing at one of the two Kona Country Club golf courses, playing basketball or tennis at one of the 13 tennis courts, all with a fascinating view of the ocean. And if you are tired of those activities, there are still plenty of water activities you can try like: game fishing, snorkeling, dolphin and whale watching, surfing the waters off the Kona Coast, scuba diving with manta rays at night, canoe paddling with a seating capacity of 6 people and enjoy a view of the island from the sea. You can also rent a kayak to explore the waters or take the snorkeling instructions. Choose your favorite activity and enjoy the biggest adventure of your life!

The Hula Festivals & Museums & Arts

Hula festival is something you can experience all year round. It is done outdoors, near the Kilauea Crater. Every January, the island celebrates the Na Mea Hawaii Hula Kahiko, where there is a deluge of traditional hula dance and chant. The festivities include hula, storytelling, chanting and ukulele playing. Every June, there is the George Naope Kane Hula Festival that honors George Naope, a Hula Master and teacher. Every September, the island celebrated the Queen Lili‘uokalani Festival, with several hula shows.

Green indulges

There are many restaurants and markets where you can actually get some healthy and organic and homegrown food and specialties, and most of the restaurants offer local products.

Coffee tasting in Kona

Kona is one of the world’s most famous coffee town that offers smooth coffee with low acidity. There are 600 coffee farms, and the most famous one is probably Greenwell Farms. If you want to visit great local cafes, make sure you visit Holuakoa Gardens Cafe and Kona Haven.